Chrysler and Google Unleash Self-Driving 2017 Pacifica Hybrid

May 5th, 2016 by

With the 2017 model year of most vehicles just rolling out, technology and features are usurping the place that horsepower and torque once occupied. And while power is still important, the modern car buyer understands the importance of a better driving experience balanced with comparable power. No automaker understands this fact better than Chrysler, which is why the all-new 2017 Pacifica is one of the most advanced minivans to ever hit market, and this week, Chrysler is going on to push the boundaries with this innovative new minivan even further.

Chrysler made a splash on the scene when it first debuted the 2017 Pacifica. A total redesign, the Pacifica features a new platform, sleek lines, and a whole host of available safety and security features. However this week, Chrysler announced that it would be taking this advanced new vision of the minivan even further by partnering with Google’s Self Driving Car Project to engineer an autonomous prototype of the Pacifica Hybrid.

Never before has Google partnered directly with an automaker on a prototype, and Chrysler will be adding 100 Pacifica Hybrids to Google’s autonomous fleet, which could mean some major advancement for the research in the near future. For now though, if you’d like to see what these vehicles can do before they start driving themselves, visit us at Diehl of Moon in Moon Township to schedule your test drive today!

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